Films We Like c​/​w Weapons Training 7"

by Turn Pale



released May 1, 2004

Ruffian Records (RR009)
digital re-release 12 May 2011

'Films We Like
Weapons Training

Michael Anderson, Chris Lombardi, Nick Quagliara & Martin Sprowles

Recorded January 2004 at Project Studios
Produced by Jim Zespy and Turn Pale

Cover photo by Riley Manion
Design by 4K Design

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Turn Pale Bloomington, Indiana

For more than ten years, TURN PALE (from Bloomington, Indiana) has explored the corners of the dancefloor, with a decidely punk asthetic; opting to caress the dark, Rough Trade/Factory sound from the early 80's post-punk/goth movement. Darkness does not necessitate evil.

DEATH DISCO equaling 3 parts Factory, 1 part 4AD, 1 part Mute.
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Track Name: Films We Like
Stand back and try to be apart from everything
(for how long?)
You will deny this love inside
Black and white one, consumed with pride

You will seek and
you'll find it's easier
once you dance and shout

You will surprise
You will shine
it'll take a little while
one night at a time

Reach out and try to make a mark on every life
(one by one)
You'll be surprised how bright you'll shine
My companion in black and white

You will seek and
you'll find it's easier
once you get rid of your doubt

Your life in mine
We will shine
We've got the discipline
to dance all night

Take what you want, because when you want you've got it
Take what you need (or are you still deciding?)
Because once you feel, once you start to feel it
You'll know love.

-23 July 2003, Michael Anderson
Track Name: Weapons Training
In the dark, we fear that love is for the others
We all need to get together once in a while
We all want to know all the what's and what for
In the dark we fear that love is for the others

You act as if you don't care
Make time for friends who won't share
Well, take your time
Take off
Fuck off
(and then come back to me)

Take a chance and make time for someone you don't love
We all need to hold the basket once in a while
We all need to know what it's like on all fours
In the dark you'll realize that love is all yours

You act as if you won't share
(because you think you own it)
Spend time for friends who don't care
(well, when you gonna show it?)
Well, I've got news for you... hold on, hold on.
I'll be right back... I've got something to show you.

You get what you deserve because
you cry alone in the dark
Hold on, hold on... it's going to be alright.
(Everything's going to be alright)
In the dark, we fear that love is for the others

-23 July 2003, Michael Anderson